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Entrepreneurs & startups : what is driving your vision and what is the foundation of your culture?

Discover and identify your core values as founders, co-founders, entrepreneurs, collaborators or collective is key, even more during this crisis.

This first step can help you to define your vision as a team or organization. Then you can be able to share and inspire others while being truly aligned with your posture, strategy and communication. It is among the most essential investments you can make in your company, with far-reaching impacts on employee engagement, customer satisfaction, and profitability.

Why leaders are interested in values and culture?

It contributes directly to build your congruence, which is the foundation of the engagement and motivation within your company. Motivation leads to commitment, commitment leads to engagement, and engagement leads to high performance. Thus, if you want to build a high performing organisation you need to understand individual and collective motivation, and also how to provide collaborators with what they are looking for.

Take your (free) personal values assessment with Barrett Values Centre® and see where your stand among the seven stages of psychological development.

This stages can be divided into three plateaus of growth :

  • operating with a socialized mind,

  • self-authoring mind,

  • a self-transforming mind.

Read more on "Building a winning organisational culture" written by Richard Barrett, Founder of Barrett Values Centre®

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