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among professionals

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The map is not the territory

We are convinced that « work is being disconnected from jobs, and jobs and work are being disconnected from companies, which are increasingly becoming platforms. » (Heather McGowan and Tom Friedman). 

As information nowadays « flows like water », individuals and companies cannot rely on their private knowledge and building watertight walls in silos anymore.

This trend leads to link people and resources around the world, helping individuals and companies to get the best insight they need. Technological progress has encouraged the sharing not only of data or science insights, but also of ideas and points of view, from all over the world.

Therefore, the way we used to see and build companies with watertight boundaries is not sustainable anymore, even worse, it tends to cause dysfunctional situations for humans and relations.


A world of flow

Modern business strategy requires adaptation to shifting work paradigms and the creation of an ecosystem that encourages permanent change and offers professionals opportunities to thrive.

New ecosystems such as co-working centers have emerged as powerful enablers of such an approach and have steadily gained in popularity in recent years. They have transformed how people work and collaborate and are likely to play an important role for 21st century organizations, offering much more than a place to work.

They affect different kinds of stakeholders, from Fortune 500 companies to startups, from digital nomads to freelancers, creating countless opportunities for collaboration, interaction, and learning among individuals, teams, and whole organizations outside of the boundaries of the traditional company campuses. 


Our work

At FlowLabs, we support you in achieving your objectives through individual and/or collective tailor-made programs.

Your time and your energy are precious. That's why, the sessions are co-designed with you in your workplace or remotely to be the most efficient possible.

We are resourceful, creative and business oriented to stimulate your best internal and external resources. Thus, we apply a holistic approach with the state-of-the-art tools and deep science to help you tackle current disruptions.


New Ecosystems

Unleash the Potential of your Community

The future of work begins in your places.

You gather start-uppers, gigers, freelancers, switchers ... creating the best places to thrive, innovate, inspire and be inspired, learn from others.

How would it be if you boost the potential of your community?

Do you have a precise idea of how you can foster the synergies between your members?


Achieve your best performance

You are in a co-working environment or a new eco-system. ​

You are curious.

You are brave.

You are bold. ​

Everyday you face new challenges.

Let's re-invent what it means to thrive in the best eco-system built with and for you.


Our Team



Executive Organizations Coach

I am passionate about collective intelligence and I believe in human connection.

I define myself as a catalyst of change, dynamic, problem solving oriented, multicultural and able to combine methodologies in a pragmatic and sensible way to foster positive energies and accompany transformation.



Psychologist & Executive Organizations Coach

My global purpose is to learn and explore the possibilities emerging at the interface of psychology, coaching and science.

I often say that my approach is to accompany them in order for them to "become "the architect of their life, and co-build their eco-system".
Being in intersection places and fostering the Medici Effect are the core of my passion. 


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